Parenting Styles and Development


     Different parenting styles may be a discerning factor in how a child enters adulthood. Each parenting style may have an influence on how the child reacts to different changes and obstacles that arise in his or her life. There are three main parenting styles: authoritative, authoritarian, and permissive. This exercise will address how each of three adults might cope with different life changes depending on the parenting style he or she was raised under.

Authoritative Parenting Style

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The authoritative parenting style is the best style out of the three. This parenting style gives the child clear rules, direction, and consequences. The rules of the house and the behavior of the children are explained and the children are shown how to accomplish these rules. There are consequences for improper behavior and breaking the rules. These consequences are often strict and convey the point of the punishment, however; are not abusive or demoralizing to the child. An adult raised under this parenting style are more competent, self-sufficient, have higher self-esteem, and are more confident than children raised under different parenting styles. This adult will be better educated and may start a family earlier in life so that he or she may experience the joy of raising his or her own child.

Authoritarian Parenting Style

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A parent using the authoritarian parenting style often demands certain behaviors without explaining what is expected to the child. According to Nevid and Rathus (2005), “authoritarian parents rely on force and communicate poorly with their children” (p. 489). The children under this parenting style are often abused mentally and physically. An adult raised under this parenting style may become bitter or hateful of the parents. They may also be less likely to produce children of their own because they do not want to subject others to the same type of abuse that was placed on them. If this adult was to have children, it may cause the adult to become stressed or depressed because of the lack of love, compassion, and support provided to him or her from the parents.

Permissive Parenting Style

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The permissive parent does not often have good communication with the child. He or she does not demand structure of any kind and will not likely punish the child. The child will become accustomed to “running wild” because of the lack of rules and may become a “problem child” in school and in other social gatherings when faced with rules and consequences. Parents using this type of parenting style are very loving and supportive, which can actually prove to be more harmful to the child’s development than if the parent had some sort of rules. An adult raised under this parenting style might be a “free spirit” and could potentially be a part of social protest groups and involved in other rebellious acts. This adult will have a hard time coping with maintaining a stable job because of the rules and requirements. Confusion may befall this adult, causing him or her to become depressed or stressed. He or she may need to seek psychological therapy in early adulthood in order to cope with the differences in the parenting style and the “real” adult world.


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Each parenting style is different and can create a challenge to the child raised under it. There are positive and negative impacts that each style can have on the child. The parent needs to become familiar with the consequences of raising his or her children under a roof with no rules and consequences. In either case, love and support should always be implemented in order for the children to become better adults.


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Parenting Styles and Development
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