Ever have your website get hacked?

Yesterday, I found out that my website was hacked and I was locked out of everything that I have worked on since I started this site. I was so upset that I had put in all this work to create this site and had gained all you wonderful subscribers just to lose it all due to being hacked. Thankfully, I have a wonderful web hosting service called HostGator that has been monitoring and backing up my site on a daily basis. I called them and they were able to get my site restored from an earlier backup and resolve any further problems that were lingering. HostGator has a wonderful customer service team that is available 24/7 and they are very thorough with there customers to make sure that all needs are taken care of. I really appreciate their service so much that I decided to post this review.

When you first decide to start making a blog and your start looking for hosting, you will notice that there are many host services out there. I had at first considered doing a free hosting service but soon realized that they are not as secure as you think they are. Now paid host services get hacked as well but the really good ones like HostGator have systems in place, for instance the Cloud Backup by HostGator, that canHostgator-Offices-300x200 save someone from losing everything. I don’t really understand why someone that does hacking would attack something as simple as a blog but they do. I guess it is some sort of joke to them but it isn’t funny to those of us that have put in all of the hard work and time into something like a blog. There is a thing that is called Karma that states, one day that person will get what he/she deserves. Thankfully, I did decide to go with a paid hosting service that has the defenses and protections in place to restore my information when someone decides to attack my site. Thank you again HostGator.

I totally recommend HostGator to you if you decide to start a blog or any other type of site. Have you ever been attacked by a hacker and were you able to bounce back from it? Please leave a comment and tell us about it or maybe you have some other useful tips that can help a fellow blogger to make their sites even more secure. Please comment below and lets talk some more. Thank you and have a wonderful day.


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(This article was written by Michael Bass and was taken from his website at insainsolutionsdotcom.com Please take a moment of your time and check out his site. He has lots of great information about the business he and I have invested in.) 

Ever have your website get hacked?
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