If you are worried about why your child will not potty train, you might want to think about what he/she see when going into the bathroom. This does not happen to all children, but it is fairly common. When my oldest daughter was potty training I asked her doctor what was wrong. She told me that the act of going into the potty is somehow giving away a part of the child. When the child sees something that came from him/her and it gets flushed down the toilet the child becomes afraid that he/she is going away forever. My advice for you is to be patient with your child and let him/her see you in the act of going. I know this sounds nasty, but what I did was take my daughter into the bathroom and when I was done I would have her wave “bye bye” to the waste. We would say it together and wave. This gave my daughter the confidence she needed to go by herself.

Now, THAT’S psychology!

Clown Toilet
















Scary Toilet














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