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Have you ever seen very smart children? Do you by chance have one? If you do, how do you treat your child? Some parents yell at their children because they think that the children are not listening well enough.


Angry Dad

Some parents bribe their children do study or do well by giving them candy or money.

Bribing with Candy


Monetary Bribe







Other parents make their children eat weird stuff that normally they would not eat. Some parents do not feel that a child’s diet will affect their chances or winning intelligence competitions.


Girl with no appetite

Has anyone actually STOPPED to think about how the children feel? What about what the children want or need? In competitions, such as the Child Genius show, the parents are not normally seen hugging, kissing, or playing with their children. They are usually forcing the children to study, focus, and stay still. Most of the children who participate are ages as young as eight up to the ages 12. They are not properly prepared to deal with the pressure of their parents, the stress of obtaining correct answers, getting along with their competition, and cramming for future rounds. The best thing these parents need to do is make sure that the children ACTUALLY WANT to be in the competition, address their children’s needs, and LISTEN to their children. Sometimes this is difficult for the parents who want to win, but they have to realize it is not them that has to go to the podium and face their fears. Just remember, it is okay to change up your parenting styles.

Screaming Child

Now, THAT’S psychology!



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Have smart kids? How do you treat them?