Hello and welcome to my blog! My name is Thal. I am very happy that you have decided to get to know me a little better. Let me start by telling you that I am a happily married 41 year old proud mother of three beautiful children, ages 21, 11, and 9. I have a great love for photography, but my greatest love (other than my family of course) is psychology. I have studied and graduated with an Associates degree in Human Resource Management from the University of Phoenix. In the third year of my college career I decided that I did not want to work for “the man” and changed my degree to General Psychology. I graduated with honors with my Bachelor’s degree in 2014. Not wanting to stop there, I am now only three classes away from completing my Master’s degree in Psychology with a concentration in Behavioral Health.

I wanted to study psychology because of my love of plain and simple human behavior. However, I have learned so much in my educational career that I have been able to help my children overcome some troubling times in their lives as well as help my friends and family learn to understand different coping mechanisms for when life becomes to much to handle. The way I see it is that life is hard enough and when we do not have anyone to talk to we feel lonely and that just leads to deeper depression. If I can be there for just one person and make that person smile and have a better day I have done my job. In this blog, I hope to do just that. While I want this blog to be as informative as possible, I also want my followers to be able to connect with me and what I am talking about on a deeper level. I want to have conversations with you and get to know you. I want to make you smile; everyday if I can.

In this blog, I will have different sections that will focus on certain items. One item will be research and study. This category will be general information that I have found and will find in my travels and studies. Another item is personal experience. I like this category very much because I am a regular person just like you and I want you to know that my life can get just as confusing, frustrating, and crazy as everyone else’s life. The last item is relaxation. I would like to present this category to you as an inspirational picture and story about once a week. Like I said earlier, I love photography, so this would be the perfect time to show off some of my art with you and show you how me and my daughter find peace and calm in our lives. I will leave you with this in mind, I want to hear your concerns, questions, and comments. I want to know you and to learn about how you feel and what you want to read about. That is what this blog is all about – making you smile, so help me help you!! Thank you for taking the time to read about me!! Don’t forget to leave me a comment and check out my FaceBook page by clicking here!!

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